Waiheke Historical Society Newsletter

January 2007


Happy New Year !

to all past, present and prospective members of the Waiheke Historical Society.


2007 is the year of our 25th Anniversarya feat which will be celebrated throughout the year.  Expect a bit of sprucing up, gratitude and reminiscing, most of all - loads of fun!

There are events in the pipelineas we simultaneously plan for the next 25years whilst recalling, reliving (for some), appreciating and most definitely celebrating the progress from it’s inception to the establishment of the Museum facilities as they are today.


To all unsung & sung volunteers,

thank you

for chasing the dream!


The  25th Anniversary is an opportunity to show our gratitude, especially for all the volunteered labour which enables the caretaking and administration of the Museum, on behalf of all members of the Waiheke community and wider communities both in NZ and overseas.

It is perhaps synchronistic that we are presently at a turning point in the history of the Museum and the Historical Society, it’s appointed caretakers.


 President, Richard Melville – “ Best wishes to all for 2007.”

Thanks to all involved with the transfer of the Police Cell. Particularly Noelene and Nick.

Incidentally, greetings to Noelene, now resident in Cromwell I believe.

Negotiations with WIT have been moving on a pace and we will keep everyone informed as to progress. We do need a big turn out for the social meet and greet with members of WIT and local dignitaries. We need lots of good fund raising ideas, as the Police Cell transfer has been a very expensive undertaking. I look forward to seeing you all there.


. History in the making as we speak !

The WHS is joining forces with Waiheke Island Tourism. (WIT)

There will be an integration of services, expertise, knowledge and resources. The liaison will enable increased public awareness, funding, and more efficient utilisation of the Museum’s assets.The profile of the Museum will be very positively lifted, enabling more funding for improvements to Museum property and administration.

Ken Sowden will attend the Museum office most days of the week as Manager and the office will be used for both WIT and WHS purposes.

We wish to extend an open invitation to all members of both organisations, as well as the general public, to feel free to drop in for exchanges of information, ideas, a Museum experience, networking opportunities, -  not to mention our friendly hospitality!


See you there soon



Hello! From WIT - 2007 is looking very promising with several promotional ventures underway, each being greatly enhanced by sharing a “Base on the Golden Mile” in the Historical Museum with the Society.

Imaginations and ideas abound (perhaps we did all need a holiday!) with this venture. Tourism is our agenda. We hope to see increased activity and more opportunity for all to enjoy the Museum, it’s resources including the lovely setting. Our numbers may soon match those of our Vineyard neighbours across the straight – who knows !

We really look forward to bringing the Past into the Now !!



Our onsite Caretaker for the past years, Peggy Waite, will soon depart the Caretaker’s cottage and no doubt many will miss seeing her and her chooks about the Museum grounds. Our thanks must go to Peggy for her role in maintaining the premises. We hope your new home brings you much peace and happiness Peggy.


Presently we are seeking a new Caretaker – a handyman and gardener – know anyone?


Welcome to new members: - We all look forward to sharing your gifts, talents and interests

·        David Mayes

·        Thomas Alexander

·        John Petchell has volunteered to take on the Treasurer’s role. John is self employed as a handyman. He’s mainly interested in steam engines, antique cars and farm machinery. His passions are – Waiheke and chocolate!

·        John’s wife, Helen Lorimer, has volunteered for the role of Secretary. Her background is in teaching- particularly people of all ages, who have specific learning needs. She is interested in social and cultural history- past and present. Besides John and her two sons, Waiheke has to be top of the list of her passions - for it’s sense of community.



Stories - Today’s yesterday is history.

We are always interested in stories and memorabilia  – please let us know – your recollections are valuable !



We do need all members to volunteer for Museum duty at least twice a year.

Please contact Helen (372 2128) to book your dates.

We particularly need more help on Sundays from 12 noon – 4pm.

Ask a friend or spouse to join you. Enjoy your picnic lunch on the verandah, catch up on some of the Heritage publications and find out what’s happening in yours and in other Museums around the country.


Oneroa Police Cell & Army Hut

You’ve probably all caught up on the news about the transfer of the Oneroa Police Cell to Museum property. A spectacular sight to behold, as it was craned and transported along the main road and carefully lowered onto piles where it will remain until foundations are completed.

A thank you letter to all involved was published in the Market Place and the Gulf News. The Army hut will be moved to a suitable location as soon as possible

It seems we may have the beginnings of an historical street walk behind the main building.



Thank you to all those who give their time and support in various ways.

Recently, Mr. Norman Cameron has erected gates at the Museum which look great.

Mr. Neil Stephenson of Woodside Bay has donated copies of photos and the history as known by a son of the former owners.


Invitation from WHS & WIT

                                   Dreams for the future

To celebrate our joint venture, all members - whether past or present, and any prospective members, are all invited to share a social get together. Come along and share in the vision being proposed.



At the Museum’s Day Cottage –

Please bring a plate and a bottle