Minutes of the Waiheke Historical Society Incorporated

Annual General Meeting 11 April 2021

The meeting commenced at 2.04 pm.

  1. Apologies: Don McKenzie, Grant and Glen Adams, Katy Bryant, Marine Le Minor.

Resolution: that the apologies as tabled be accepted

Moved: Margaret Milligan

Seconded: Rosemary Burns

  1. Present: Sue Philcox, Juliet Hay, Samuel Shirley, Jan Vail, Alison Hunt, Margaret Milligan, Don Baillie, Logan Moss, Mary Batten, John Smeed, Rosemary Burns, Mark James, Malcolm Philcox, Marion Bridge, Vera Ryda, Dot Malan, Janet November, Peter Lundin

It was confirmed that there was a quorum of more than ten financial members. This was checked off against the list circulated at the door.

  1. Proxies Received and accepted: Nil

  1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were available at the meeting and had been circulated to the members.

Resolution: that the minutes of the AGM held on 5 July 2020 be accepted as a true and correct record

Moved: Don Baillie

Seconded: Logan Moss

  1. Matters Arising: Alison Hunt suggested that the meeting at large might be interested in developments from the Men’s Shed. The ball now lies in the court of the Men’s Shed who have not furthered their interest and we are still to hear from them as to how they wish to go forward, if indeed they wish to do so.

  1. President’s Report: Sue Philcox read her report to the meeting. It had already been circulated prior to the meeting.

Resolution: that the President’s Report be approved

Moved: Sue Philcox

Seconded: Vera Ryda

  1. Financial Report: This was presented by Mark James, the Treasurer. Copies were also available at the meeting. Mark reported that, owing to Covid, we had not gained as much as the year before from visitors, especially those who came via the Hop on Hop Off bus, but that nevertheless, we were still in a reasonable financial position to continue with our endeavours. It would have been a financial advantage to have had the Men’s Shed on board but we were hoping to engage usage of the museum by outside groups in the coming year. The Statement of Financial Position as at 31 December 2020 is listed below:



Accumulated Funds



Opening Balance as at 1 January



Net Surplus (-Deficit)



Closing Balance as at 31 Dec





Invested as Follows:

Current Assets

ASB 01 Cheque Account



ASB 04 Heritage Garden Account



ASB 50 Investment Account



Cash floats



Petty cash on hand



Stock on hand





Less Liabilities




Working Capital



Fixed Assets

as per Schedule



Net Assets



The chart below demonstrates the comparison of visitor numbers for the two years:

These accounts have been audited by Rocky Rhodes.

Resolution: that Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 31 December 2020 be adopted as presented

Moved: Mark James

Seconded: Sue Philcox

  1. Nominations for the committee and election of officers:

The secretary read out the nominations for the office holder positions:

President: Sue Philcox

Nominated: Alison Hunt

Seconded: Juliet Hay

Vice President

And Treasurer: Mark James

Nominated: Alison Hunt

Seconded: Juliet Hay

Secretary: Alison Hunt

Nominated: Juliet Hay

Seconded: Mark James

The Secretary read out the nominations for the committee positions:

Juliet Hay

Nominated: Alison Hunt

Seconded: Mark James

Sam Shirley

Nominated: Mark James

Seconded: Alison Hunt

Further nominations were taken from the floor:

Margaret Milligan

Nominated: Sue Philcox

Seconded: Sam Shirley

Don Baillie

Nominated: Juliet Hay

Seconded: Logan Moss

Logan Moss

Nominated: Alison Hunt

Seconded: Sue Philcox

Resolution: that the following nominated members be accepted as officers for 2021 – Sue Philcox (President), Mark James (Vice President and Treasurer) and Alison Hunt (Secretary)

Moved: Margaret Milligan

Seconded: Don Baillie

Resolution: that the following nominated members be accepted as committee members for 2021 – Margaret Milligan, Don Baillie, Juliet Hay, Sam Shirley and Logan Moss

Moved: Mary Batten

Seconded: Dot Malan

Sue Philcox congratulated the new committee members.

  1. General Business:

  1. Changes to the Constitution

Mark James read out these changes which had already been circulated by email and post on 23 March. Copies were available in addition at the meeting. Once these changes are ratified, they will be uploaded to Companies House and will replace former copies of the Constitution.

It was noted that the Government is planning to pass a new Incorporated Societies Act and that further amendments may be required once that occurs.

Resolution: that the amendments proposed to the WIHS Constitution in the document circulated to members on 23 March 2021 be accepted

Moved: Mark James

Seconded: Sue Philcox

It was noted that more than ¾ of the meeting (required) voted in favour of this resolution. A head count was taken of 17.

  1. Further General Business

Mark James expanded on our republishing of Dixie Day’s book “Waiheke Pioneers” and how it has been digitally scanned and is currently being proofread and will be in publication by the end of the year. We are engaging the services of Lasavia Publishing on the island . If we charge about $20 per book that should cover our costs. An e-book publication will be produced as well.

Mark James also said he was interested in getting a genealogy of Waiheke families going which would be an invaluable source which could also be uploaded onto ancestry.com. Jan Vail stated that she would be prepared to help in this exercise.

  1. Speaker – Logan Moss:

Sue Philcox introduced Logan Moss who then gave a very informative update on how he is using modern technology to archive all the Museum’s records. This is a huge undertaking and involves hundreds of documents, maps, photos, news clippings and the like. He has been working on this for about 18 months and it will be an ongoing task to keep it updated. The resource will be on several computers and will give volunteers access to the information digitally, when they are asked for help by Museum visitors who are wishing to trace both family and island history.


Sue Philcox declared the meeting closed at 3.50 pm and invited those present to stay for afternoon tea.