Minutes of the Waiheke Historical Society Incorporated

Annual General Meeting 22 April 2018

Meeting commenced at 2.00 pm

Apologies: Christine Hoffman, Merle Mason, Susie Frost

Present: Don Baillie, Priscilla Tobin, Kara Nelson, Sue Philcox, Mark James, Jan Vail, Rosemary Burns, Margaret Milligan, Christine Chisholm, Kate Bryant, Alison Hunt, Anna McSherry, Marion Bridge.

Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read to the members. Moved Priscilla, seconded Sue Philcox – carried.

President’s Report

On behalf of myself and the Waiheke Museum committee I would thank you all for coming along today to our annual AGM. I would also like to thank the loyal volunteers who have supported me through my first year as President, filling in on the roster to cover for those sick or away, and also sadly for the death of one of our volunteers. Although we only have a small band of active volunteers we have managed to keep the Museum open to the Public.

I am happy to say that we have been granted a further 5yr lease, and have also been given permission from the Auckland Council to have two concrete paths put in to make it easier and safer for everyone. One being, to upgrade the pathway to the toilets and also one from the carpark to join up with the other paths. This will eliminate having to cross the grass when it is wet and muddy.

We have also applied to our local community board for funding to have this achieved and also to make a start on the repainting of the cottages with the Goodwin cottage being tackled first. If this goes ahead this year then the inside of the cottage will be spring cleaned and new displays put in.

I would like to see this happen to all the cottages and in the long term all paths to be concreted as I have noted the difficulties that people with disabilities and some older people have, with what we have now.

Our front gardens have been upgraded to make the Museum more appealing and visible from the road. But there is more work in this area to be done.

Once the grounds and buildings are tidied up we would like to have live demonstrations of how some of our older generation made every day things, like flax weaving, butter churning, spinning and weaving, sheep shearing, using old tools etc.

Our future dream is to make this a popular attraction place, not only for our older people to reminisce but also for those interested in “The Way we Were”.

To make this dream come to fruition we need more people on board who can help with either, maintenance, gardening, fundraising, cleaning, or buddying up with an on duty person so we have two on at once each time we are open due.

Help us bring the younger generation together with the older by working together.

The President’s report was moved: Sue Philcox, Seconded: Rosemary Burns, carried.

Treasurer’s Report to the year ended 31 December 2017 was presented by Jan Vail.

Financially, the Society is in a sound position. Our income from donations was much higher than the previous year due to increased visitor numbers about which I will comment shortly; and subscription income was also higher with new members joining the Society. We did not receive any grants during 2017 but again operated a water station again for the Wharf to Wharf Fun Run in January receiving $250 from the W2W committee to add to our general funds.

General expenditure was slightly less than the previous year. Power, insurance and telephone remained constant and we had no project expenses. After adjustments for non-cash expenditure, there was an operating profit of $5,147 for the year.

Visitor numbers totalled 4,155, more than double the 1,971 visitors in 2016, and this big increase was mostly due to visitors using the Explorer tour buses throughout the year. The Museum and Historic Village is included in the Explorer leaflet (at no cost to us) as an island attraction and is promoted by the on board host/hostess as a place to visit. This resulted in an increase in visitors donations, again almost double the amount received in the previous year Numbers of visitors averaged out at approximately 80 each week for the year.

As a voluntary organisation, the Society is dependent on your membership fees and donations from the public to operate the Museum. The committee thanks you for your ongoing support.

I now move that the financial statements are approved. Carried

Nominations for the Committee & the election of officers.

Sue Philcox was nominated for President.

Mark James was nominated for Vice President.

Jan Vail was nominated as Treasurer.

Alison Hunt was nominated at Minute Secretary

Christine Chisholm, Margaret Milligan, Juliette Hay, Rosemary Burns and Priscilla Tobin were nominated for the Committee.

Moved: Mary Batten, accepted.

General business:

It was suggested that the committee should investigate having EFPOS facilities available for visitors to use for donations or purchases. We are losing donations when visitors do not have cash with them. This is to be followed up.

Mary Batten asked whether there had been any progress in having Waiheke Pioneers reprinted. Alison said she had received a quote which would work out at approximately $20 per book. The committee will investigate further but it may be that we decide not to reprint.

Chris said that there needed to be some smaller, less expensive items for sale in the museum shop such as book marks, magnets or coasters. Tea Towels were suggested but these would prove to be too expensive. Visitors were willing to spend only a few dollars on souvenirs.

Kara said that Sunday historical walks would be something to consider. Priscilla added that the Museum could be included in the Walking Festival.

The meeting closed at 2.55 pm

Then followed a presentation Peter Young, owner of Waiheke Vintage & Historic Photos Facebook page with photos of old Waiheke scenes and an old black and white silent film of the Motorcycle TT races held in 1933.

Jan Vail