Minutes of the Waiheke Historical Society Incorporated Annual General Meeting 2 April 2017

Meeting commenced at 2.00 pm

Apologies: Mary Batten, Chris Chisholm

Present: Don Baillie, Malcolm Philcox, Priscilla Tobin, Suzanne Bonnington, Kara Nelson, Monique Hamlin, Sue Philcox, Margaret Peacocke, Logan Moss, Brent McDonald, Mark James, Jan Vail, Juliet Hay, Dianne O’Brien, Dorothy Malan, Nassai Herren, Rosemary Burns, Glen Adams, Grant Adams, Marnie Fabian, Chris Hoffman

Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

Mark James, as Acting President, presented the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.

The Minutes were accepted by the meeting.

Moved; Christine Hoffman

Seconded: Rosemary Burns

President’s Report

Mark James presented the President’s Report. It was noted that members of the Society, Anne and Bob Anderson and Brenda and Rob Becroft, had left the Island and were no longer members of the Society.

It was noted that several new volunteers had been attracted to the Society and that there was a continued need for more volunteers.

Mark would like to restart historical lectures at meetings of the Society.

Mark noted there had been a marked increase in visitors to the Museum, greatly due to the introduction of the new ‘Hop on/Hop off’ buses. It was also noted that the Museum is now mentioned in the “Lonely Planet”.

Kara Nelson suggested that historical Walks could be instigated.

The President’s report was accepted.

Moved: Sue Philcox

Seconded: Brent McDonald

Treasurer’s Report to the year ended 31 December 2016 was presented by Jan Vail.

Financially, the Society was in a sound position, with a higher income from the increase in visitors. However, subscription income was down due to the loss of some older members. No grants were received in 2016 but $250.00 was received from the W2W committee for the operation of a water station for the Wharf to Wharf run.

General expenditure was similar to the previous year with fixed costs remaining constant and there were no project costs. After adjustments for non-cash expenditure there was a small operating profit of $799.00 for the year.

Visitor numbers were 1971, much higher than 1523 for 2015. The Museum had been open for more days during winter due to the increased number of volunteers. The biggest increase was in the last two weeks of December due to the commencement of the Hop on Hop off bus service. The Museum is featured in the Explorer leaflet and is promoted by the on-board hosts. Numbers of visitors averaged 37 each week during the year.

As a voluntary organisation the Society is dependent on visitor donations and membership fees. The Committee thanks the members for their ongoing support. Subscriptions are to remain at $20.00 for the 2018 year.

The financial statements were approved.

Moved: Jan Vail

Seconded: Sue Philcox

Nominations for the Committee & the election of officers.

Sue Philcox was nominated for President.

Mark James and Arnie Aretz were nominated for Vice Presidents.

Christine Chisholm, Brent McDonald, Nassai Herren, Rosemary Burns and Monique Hamlin were nominated for the Committee.

Jan Vail remains Secretary of the Society.

Brent McDonald was appointed Minutes Secretary.

The nominations were all accepted.

Moved: Mark James

Seconded: Malcolm Philcox

General business

The need for more publicity for the Museum was discussed – such as the Gulf News, Facebook and web sites.

There was discussion about inviting the Fuller’s hosts to visit the Museum.

Logan Ross will look at getting the Museum on Google maps.

Then followed a presentation from Jan Vail on the creation of the new subdivisions on the Island including Arran Bay, Cowes Bay, Man O’War Bay, Connells Bay, Hooks Bay and Orapiu.

The meeting closed at 3.46 pm

Brent McDonald

Minutes Secretary

2 April 2017