Waiheke Island Historical Society Inc.

Annual General Meeting 10th April 2016

Meeting commenced at 2.00 pm.

Apologies: Jill Pain, Deborah Pain, Trish Kinsler, Wayne Hall, Marlene Gray, Tanya Batt, Elsie Brown, Malcolm Philcox, Fiona Aretz, Betty Tattersall, Marine Le Minor, Glen & Grant Adams, Bert & Margaret Woolcott.

Apologies accepted: Brenda Becroft, Sec: Rosemary Burns

Present: Arnie Aretz, Priscilla Tobin, Kara Nelson, Rosemary Burns, Christine Hoffman, Merle Mason, Marnie Fabian, Bob Anderson, Sue Philcox, Brenda Becroft, Rob Becroft, Mary Batten, Christiane Hepburn, Mark James, Jan Vail, Anne Anderson, Dot Malan.

All were welcomed by the President, Anne Anderson.

Minutes of the last AGM: Proposed as correct by Christine Hoffman, seconded by Rosemary Burns.

President’s Report:

As noted in the recent newsletter, 2015 has been a successful year in many ways. Despite a number of challenges, and on the plus side, I am pleased to report that visitor numbers have remained fairly steady throughout the year, with our usual eclectic mix of visitors, and despite the necessary absence of two of our experienced committee members in 2015 we have also managed to keep the Museum open with fewer 'helpers'. In addition, we are in a relatively healthy financial position as you will see from the Treasurers' Report.

Considerable work has been done during the past year on the gardens and in renovating the buildings – specifically Day Cottage, the Police Cell and the toilets. Much of the credit must go to the very welcome addition of three new helpers (2 of whom have been co-opted on to the the Committee) who have injected considerable energy and expertise in ensuring that the Museum of Waiheke continues to meet the aspirations set by its founders.

In particular

Ideas for other displays are also under consideration.

To undertake much of this work, we have been extremely fortunate in receiving a donation from the New Hope Shop, and wish to express publicly our gratitude for their generosity. However, much more money is needed; we desperately need to replace the current store-room behind Day Cottage. It has deteriorated to the point where it can only be used for indestructible items. I will be making application to a number of grant authorities in the hope that we can raise sufficient funds to enable us to rebuild the room to enable appropriate storage for the many items that overcrowd our workroom and Day Cottage. I estimate that the cost could be as high as $40,000.

Our great loss has been the death of Judith Phillip. As you know, Judith died unexpectedly a year ago; her commitment to the museum, and extensive knowledge of the island and its history, left a huge vacuum.

Our main problem – and it is a constant source of worry – is the difficulty in attracting sufficient people with the time and willingness to assist in manning and running the Museum. If you know of anyone who would be able and willing to commit to 4 hours once a month, PLEASE encourage them to contact any one of the committee.

Finally, my sincere thanks to your committee who have worked so very hard this year to ensure and consolidate the survival of the Museum. Extra special thanks to Jan Vail (Treasurer and part-time secretary and all-round wonder); to Sue and Malcolm Philcox as well as Brenda and Rob Becroft for their hard work in the gardens and assistance with the maintenance of the buildings (painting, repairing etc); to Elsie, Ted and Elaine for their sterling work with the archives; and to Mary, Priscilla, Trish, Christine, Bob, Arnie and Mark for their work in helping make the Museum a taonga Waiheke Island can be proud of. And of course, to you, our members without whom the Museum could not exist.

We would love to see you at the Museum, and to receive your suggestions as to how we can continue to maintain and improve.

Thank you.

Anne Anderson

9.04.16 President’s Report moved as accepted by Anne Anderson, seconded by Arnie Aretz

Financial Report: Jan Vail, Treasurer

I am pleased to present my report for the year to 31 December 2015 to the Members of the Waiheke Island Historical Society.

Financially, the Society is in a sound position. Our income from donations and shop sales was lower than the previous year; however subscription income was higher with the addition of some new members. We received a grant from the New Hope Shop in April for the purchase of decorating materials which have been used to paint Day Cottage, the Police Cell and the toilet block. We operated a water station for the Wharf to Wharf Fun Run in January and for our efforts with colourful shirts, hats and music, we received $250 from the W2W committee to add to our general funds. Christine held a garage sale of donated items and raised a tidy $300.

Expenditure was similar to the previous year. With the new lease signed on 8th May 2014 the rent paid to Auckland Council is set at $1 per annum. There was an amount owing to Auckland Council for rent from 1 July 2012 to the 21st February 2013, the commencement date of the new lease. This was not invoiced until February 2015 and has been paid in the current year. After adjustments for non-cash expenditure, there was a small operating loss of $217 for the year.

Visitor numbers totalled 1523, higher than the 1437 in 2014, mostly due to visits by local school groups. Very few tour groups stopped at the museum last year. Numbers of normal visitors average out at approximately 27 each week.

Members’ subscriptions are to remain at $20 for the 2017 financial year.

As a voluntary organisation, the Society is dependent on your membership fees and donations from the public to operate the Museum. The committee thanks you for your ongoing support.

Statement of Financial Performance for the year ended 31 December 2015

Dividend received345335
Interest received1416
Less Payments
Petty cash & general235251
Printing & stationery242270
Photo sales120348
Repairs & maintenance490268
Surplus/Deficit for Year-4,239-3,600


Statement of Financial Position for the year ended 31 December 2015

Society’s Equity$$
Opening balance 1/1/201598,834102,434
Surplus/Deficit for Year-4,239-3,600
Closing balance 31/12/201594,59598,834
Represented by:
Fixed Assets (as per schedule)86,42290,446
Current Assets
Cash floats8080
Petty cash on hand3587
ASB 00 Cheque Account4,1234,124
ASB 50 Investment Account3,0623,048
ASB 04 Heritage Garden Account170
Stock on Hand8561,049
Total Assets94,59598,834

Treasurer’s report moved as approved: Jan Vail: seconded by Priscilla: carried.

Nominations for Officers and Committee:

Nominations were received for the following positions:

President: Anne Anderson

Vice Presidents: Mark James, Arnie Aretz

Secretary: no nomination

Treasurer: Jan Vail

Patron: Kara Nelson

Nominations for Committee:

Christine Hoffman, Bob Anderson, Brenda Becroft, Sue Philcox.

The nominations received no objections and were carried by all present.

General Business:

Kara spoke about how many residents of Waiheke have never visited the museum and suggested holding market/open days or giving a small gift to them to encourage them to visit. Arnie suggested holding an open day either Labour Weekend this year or early next year. Anne said the committee would discuss this further. Mark said that the local spinners and weavers group were to come one afternoon for a demonstration, possibly Anzac Weekend. Mark is to advertise in the local press. A suggestion from the members was that local artists could be invited to use the museum for workshops/demonstrations.

Mark reported that the (1908) Incorporated Society Act was to undergo changes relating to what clauses are required to be in societies’ rules. Mark handed around some of the changes proposed that the current constitution does not cover and will need to be included within the next year or so.

Arnie moved that the Waiheke Historical Society’s rule no:16 is amended to lower quorum numbers from 15 to 10 for future Annual General Meetings and from 20 to 15 for extraordinary general meetings.

Seconded: Christine motion carried.

Anne reported that there had been no further contact from the Local Board or Auckland Council regarding the lease and the Golf Club had not received anything either. The Society has a signed lease from 22 February 2013 to 3 June 2017 with a further renewal for five years to 3 June 2022. This will stand unless the Local Board are successful in challenging the leasing process. Rob Becroft said that there was a notice on the internet regarding the Essentially Waiheke document in which the Golf Club was not even mentioned as being a desirable asset to the island.

Anne said that the museum needed more storage space and would be applying for funding to rebuild the storage shed. This could cost in the region of $30,000. It was suggested that containers could be used for storage and would be cheaper than rebuilding.

Mary Batten asked if there had been any further progress in getting Waiheke Pioneers reprinted. The meeting discussed options and costs involved. Jan Vail will take a copy to Island Print to see what they would be able to do. Arnie said we did not want anything photo copied or spiral bound.

Christiane Hepburn said that the carpark was not obvious to visitors. Sue and Bob are to investigate ways to improve the signage.

Kara said that she had forwarded our newsletter to Dorothy Morris who was a Waiheke museum archivist before she moved to Great Barrier Island. Dorothy sent her congratulations on the work done in the archives and kind wishes to the Society.

Anne thanked all present for attending the AGM.

The Meeting closed at 3.15 pm followed by afternoon tea.