Waiheke Island Historical Society

AGM, March 28th, 2010

Meeting opened at 2.05 pm

Apologies Helen Lorimer , John Petchell, Mark James, Daphne Mitten, Ken Vail, Marlene Grey, Richard Melville.

Present Christine Hoffman, Judith Phillips, Jan Vail, Arnie Aretz, Eric Culpit, Ann & Bob Anderson, Kara Nelson, Mary Batten, Christine Curtis, John Smead, Doreen & Rosemary Burns, Mayne Thompson, Skate, Marlene Fabian.

Welcomed by Vice President Arnie Aretz who opened the meeting for John Petchell, President who was unable to attend & sends his apologies.

John is unable to stand for the Presidency, as he will be leaving the Island for about 1 year. The major work for the year have been the 3 cottages, Keane has been repainted & Champion is nearly finished. Goodwin still needs to be repainted. There were a lot of repairs needed on Champion & thanks to Al Reeves for the donation of his time for those repairs. Thanks must also go to Lee Strickland & Placemakers for their donation of the paint. Also thanks to the Volunteers for their work & the Community Workers but we need more help with the cottages. The Committee of Judith Phillips, Jan Vail, Terrie Blackford, Christine Hoffman Mark James & Arnie Aretz Richard Melville were also thanked for their efforts & also do Roster Duty. . Also welcomed to the committee were Ann Anderson as Secretary & her husband Bob who will do the Maintenance.

We would like more people who can do a roster duty when needed. These people would be able to sit in on a couple of duties with someone who is on duty. Daphne Mitten was thanked for her revamp of the gardens project, but she will not be able to do it in the coming year due to commitments. She has left ideas with John Petchell & Helen Lorimer for when they come back. In the meantime could those on duty pull out any weeds.

Plans for the future is a donation of a shell collection, which will go at the end of the Maori display, and build a part shed for a tool display.

We also need to do something about the impact of the Wine & Olive growing on the Island & start collecting from them. If anyone has items from them please save them for us. Mary Batten suggested finding a University student that would like to do it for a Thesis on this.

Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Kara Nelson & seconded by Eric Culpit. Carried.

Nominations to the Committee We have lost John Petchell & Terrie Blackford from the committee.

Arnie Aretz requested a dispensation of the meeting to allow Jan Vail to be both President & Treasurer for this year and this was accepted by those present. He did point out that we did not propose to change the constitution.



Jan Vail

Vice Presidents

Arnie Aretz & Mark James


Ann Anderson


Jan Vail

Minutes Secretary

Judith Phillips


Bob Anderson


Richard Melville and Christine Hoffman

Ann & Bob Anderson had been co opted at a previous meeting.

All Nominations were accepted and carried.

Financial Report: The Treasurer Jan Vail gave her first report and made copies of the financial report available to the meeting.

Financially, the society is in a reasonably sound position even though our income was slightly lower than the previous year. Expenditure was also lower & after adjustments for non cash expenses, there was an operating loss of $802 for the year. General income was boosted by a live open day in January which raised $485 & a very successful film evening hosted by the Waiheke Island Cinema in September which raised $700. We were unable to benefit from last years Easter Saturday Market as we had done in the past as the Childcare Group needed the stall holder's fees for their ongoing costs. They did allow us to have the proceeds from Anniversary weekend in January this year boosting our funds by $825. This will be recorded in the current year's financial statements. The major project for 2009 was commencing the refurbishment of the cottages in the Historic Village. Placemakers Waiheke & Wattle Paints very generously donated paint for this project, however there were other expenses needed to prepare the buildings for painting. This included repairs to the weatherboards & roofs. The builder Al Reeves kindly donated his time to replace the rotting boards. Some $1,500 was spent to December 31st on the project & there will be further expenditure in the current year as work continues. About $500 was spent on tools for the community services persons who have been working at the Historic Village & a claim has been lodged with their supervisor for reimbursement.

As a voluntary Organisation, the society is dependent on our membership fees & donations from the public to operate the Museum. Your committee thanks you for your ongoing support.

Society's Equity
Opening Balance$ 121,568$127,360
Surplus/-Deficit for year- $5,722- $5792
Fixed Assets (as Per Schedule)$110,672$115,592
Current Assets
Cash Float$80$80
ASB 00 Cheque Account $244$886
ASB 50 Investment Account $2,969$2,146
ASB 04 Heritage Garden Account $551$1,055
ASB 01 Police Cells Account 0$300
Stock on Hand $1,578$1,728
Total Assets$116,093$121,786
Less Accounts Payable$247$218
Net Assets$115,846$121,568

The Financial report was Accepted by Arnie Aretz and seconded by Christine Hoffman. Carried

Annual subscriptions. It was agreed to keep subscriptions at the same rate of $15.

Election of Patron Kara Nelson was invited to be the new Patron of the Museum and she agreed to be Patron.

Presentation. Skate presented the Historical Society with a plaque of the flag that was carried on a world Peace March starting with Waiheke and involving Kara Nelson & Mayne Thompson. There was also a book of the journey of the Peace March presented at the same time.

Speaker Kara Nelson

She spoke about her early days with the Historical Society and the building of the Museum as well as walks that they did and the history of the places they visited.

Meeting closed at 3.15p.m. followed by afternoon tea.


Waiheke Island Historical Society Inc. P. O. Box 206, Ostend 1843, Waiheke Island, New Zealand