Waiheke Island Historical Society

AGM, March 8th, 2009

Meeting opened at 2.07 pm


Mainie Thompson, Helen Lorimer .

Welcomed by President Richard Melville.

It was the longest interim year till they found a new president. He said he was resigning as president. He said it was a consolidation year with the bank balance being built up after large expenses over the last few years.

In the last 12 Months a Time Capsule has been buried by the Gulf News in the garden outside the main building and the completion of Goodwin cottage. Changing society is reflected in falling membership. Commitment is strong with the few keen people who keep it going.

Tributes were paid to members and committee for their work in keeping the museum open as well as other events that are held.

The police cell project is ongoing with repainting inside to be done.

Judith was thanked for her work behind the scenes.

Terrie for her work in getting funding for Goodwin cottage and John for keeping the books. The others were also thanked for the work they do.

The Day cottage which was the original Museum, was built by the members at that time.

He has enjoyed his years as President but will still be on the committee.

He thanked everyone for their work over the years and signed off.

Minutes of last meeting:

Proposed by Mark James & seconded by Arnie Aretz. Carried.

Nominations to the Committee

President John Petchell

Vice Presidents Arnie Aretz & Mark James

Secretary Terrie Blackford

Treasurer Jan Vail

Minutes Secretary Judith Phillips

Committee Richard Melville and Christine Hoffman

All Nominations were accepted and carried.

Financial Report:

The Treasurer John Petchell thanked Richard for his work over the years and made copies of the financial report available to the meeting.

Current account $4900.00

Garden account $1055.00

Grant for Police Cells $252.00

There is an insurance account coming up for $1500.00

We will need future funding for painting of the cottages and a price will be needed before we go for funding.

Visitor numbers were up about 10% on the year before.

The Financial report was Accepted by Richard Melville and seconded by Kara Nelson, Carried

Annual subscriptions.

It was agreed to keep subscriptions at the same rate.

Garden Report.

It was presented by Daphne Mitton and outlined what had happened over the year.

She thanked everyone who had helped with the project and especially John.

Things have been donated by people and firms so not a lot of the money has been spent. At this point Richard explained the reason for a separate account for the garden.

It is a garden encompassing the early days to the present time. Stage 1 has been completed

A request for another grant for 2009 has been sent to the community Board.

The front garden is the garden of time with plants linking to it. Access has been improved and new signage in place.

The High School have volunteered time and made a path near Keane Cottage and planted native plants.

Garry Wilton from ACC has asked her for a wish list for the gardens. He will source native plants and enquire re plants for the Dip Site.

Judith donated Wildflower seeds and some have been sewn in the garden. Future hope is improved access, fencing at rear boundry.

Acknowledgements should also be displayed in the garden e.g time Capsule. This could be done in the form of a clay slab with the writing on and then fired.

A n anonymous benefactor has donated a Sandstone Sculpture has been given to us and is being sited in the front garden

Daphne was co opted onto the committee. We need better communication between Daphne and the committee.

Election of Patron

Richard was invited to be the new Patron of the Museum and was elected by all. He agreed to be Patron.


Jeanne Mellamphy said that would help when needed if available at the time.

Kara Nelson asked if there was anyone that could take over the Archives and Jan Vail agreed to do that.

Pat Whitwell thinks Schools could make more use of us. He thinks a retired teacher could do the sessions. Kara said she could liase with the schools for visits.

The shell collection is ready to be moved to the Museum when we have a permanent place for it. It can come at 10 days notice. That will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Arnie spoke about the removal of the central display


Speaker Paul Monin

He spoke of the people who had great influence with him since coming to the Island. Dixie Day, Don Chappell, Mason Clarke, Bryan Croll and many more who helped him with knowledge for his book on early Waiheke. The talk was recorded on Video.

Afternoon tea was taken and the meeting closed 4.15 p.m.


Waiheke Island Historical Society Inc. P. O. Box 206, Ostend 1843, Waiheke Island, New Zealand