Waiheke Island Historical Society

AGM, March 30th, 2008

Meeting opened at 2.07 pm

Apologies: Mary Batten, Rosemary & Doreen Burns, Kit Nelson, Daphne Mitten, Graham Hooper, Pat Whitwell & Anita Gibb

Welcomed by President Richard Melville.

He thanked everyone for coming but as there were 3 other AGM's and Bowling club meeting, members attending were less than other years. The meeting was held in Day Cottage.

He thanked the Committee for their work in the last year. Consolidation of projects and work don as well as fund raising had gone well.

Our funds have improved over the year, Police cells & Army hut have been recited although they need some renovation work done on them.

The Community Trust was acknowledged for the funding given for the refurbishment of Goodwin cottage. There will be an open day when Goodwin Cottage is completed.

He acknowledged that Kit Nelson wasn't here as she was on a cruise in South America.

He mentioned about a Video made 10 years ago and a number of people in it have since died. e.g. Zinnie Douglas. He said we need to record peoples stories on Video for the Archives so future generations can learn how it was in earlier times.

Minutes of last meeting: Proposed by Christine Hoffman & seconded by Mark James. Carried

Financial Report: The Treasurer John Petchell said there was

$2400 in the Police Cells & Army Hut accounts

$5000in the other accounts

We will need future funding for some major repairs to the buildings, eg Re-roofing and painting.

He thanked Terrie Blackford for the Mannequins that she has purchased for the Museum displays.

Accepted by Richard Melville

Seconded by Mark James


Changes to the Constitution. These are needed to qualify for status as a Charity and a general clean up of some of the items in it.

The changes were read out by Mark James .

Accepted By Richard Melville, Seconded by Arnie Aretz, Carried

Annual subscriptions. At the moment they are $10 and it was proposed to increase them to $15. It was discussed by members. & was agreed that the price from this year be $15 and that the children's subscription be withdrawn. Payment for the year will be at the AGM.

Accepted By Richard Melville, seconded by Jan Vale, Carried

NB Subscriptions are due now unless you have already paid or are a Life Member.

Election of Patron. Mainie Thompson has said that she doesn't want to be Patron.

The new committee will formalise a Patron at a Later meeting.

Accepted by Richard Melville, seconded by Ken Vale, carried.

Nominations for Committee

Patron To be selected at a later committee meeting.

President Richard Melvill

Vice President Arnie Aretz & Mark James

Secretary Terrie Blackford

Minute Secretary Judith Phillips

Treasurer John Petchell

Committee Members

Christine Hoffman

Judith Phillips

Kit Nelson

Mark James

N.B. A resignation letter from Anita Gibb was found in the letterbox a few days later.

All nominations were accepted and carried



The Easter Market for 2009 was discussed It had been the main fund raiser but over the years it has diminished. We raised $1271.10 comprising of

$325 for Raffle

$226 from stall

$720 from stall holders.

Richard Melville explained how it used to work and the difference this year. There are doubts whether it will continue in the future. Terrie Blackford has acknowledged our thanks to Child Care and the future of it. It was put to a vote whether we stay or give it up. The vote was to keep the status quo.

We also need more open days.

Helen Lorimer talked about the plans for the gardens and forming a sub committee with Daphne Mitten. The design would be sustainable and organic with individual groups taking part and telling the History in plants.

There will be a meeting later with groups that are interested. When the plan is ready it will be sent out to members and then put to the committee.

Arnie Aretz shoed the fridge magnets and it was agreed that Jane Meder,( who designed the logo) should get a complimentary one as well as Ilona Weyers , who organised the Scavenger Hunt,

Betty Tattersall , Neil Stephenson , Ken & Jan Vale were thanked for their contribution at the last open day.

Terrie Blackford put out a plea for help in Goodwin cottage. It is almost finished and help is needed for the displays. Also refurbishment on the police Cells and Army Hut.

Richard Melville asked if anyone had any specific ideas for the future.

Tea was taken followed by the Speaker.

Speaker Bernard Rhodes.

He spoke of his Protest to Muraroa Atoll against Nuclear testing and also his time as skipper on the Frie when they were on a Peace Voyage.

It was very interesting with his telling of what went on between the protesters and the French as well as the Island people.

Meeting closed 4.30 p.m.


Waiheke Island Historical Society Inc. P. O. Box 206, Ostend 1843, Waiheke Island, New Zealand