MINUTES AGM  25th March, 2007



Meeting opened 2.10pm


Apologies: Peggy Waite, Neil Stephenson, Mary Batten, S. Bremmer , Eric Culpitt,

                  Pat Atkin


WelcomePresident Richard Melville

A good turn out, the decision to hold the AGM in the Woolshed, well justified.Onetangi Beach Races and another important meeting about the Matiatia plan were scheduled on the same day. Thanks to Judith Phillips, John Petchell, Anita Gibbs and Christine Hoffman. for their efforts  rearranging displays and preparing seating and afternoon tea in the Day cottage.

Richard spoke about a sometimes frustrating year.In the end, it had been decided by WIT that there were few synchronicities between WIHS and WIT and the proposal has been put asideThe arrival of new energies on the Committee signified the need to understand that every person deserved the right to be heard and to contribute in whichever way they could, that we were about people.

 Richard described the WIHS as being at a crossroads and looked forward to a more positive year.

 One lesson learnt was the cost of the relocation of the Police Cell which severely depleted savings and the discovery that funding could not be applied for in retrospect.

Another was the Caretaker position  which was controversial, a huge learning curve. Richard offered an apology to Peggy Waite and to Nick Thompson whom he hoped would reconsider and rejoin the society in the future - Easter fundraising would be a major event for the year as it has been in the past. Open days have been very successful.

Richard reiterated the goals of the Society and that the Society was as much about those goals as it was about people.”Whatever contribution, big or small, was fantastic.People are history – who knows what will be displayed on the Museum’s walls about today”, said Richard.

Richard thanked the long serving committee members - the historic and new 2006/ 07 committee members who had done a great job getting records and structure in place.

Richard said the Society was in good heart and ready to go to more heights.


Minutes AGM 2006 were accepted as a true and correct record.             Accepted     Christine Hoffman

                                                                                                                     Seconded:       Judith Phillips


Resignations: Helen Lorimer as Secretary


Financial Report

Treasurer, John Petchell stated that funds were not in good shape, with only enough to pay current bills. There had been a no spend policy which will have to remain in force until sufficient return from fundraising efforts. Accounts had been audited. Full report was available for members to look at and for Richard to sign.                                                                              Accepted Anita Gibb

                                                                                                            Seconded Arnie Aretz







Discussion following the Financial report :

That we institute Life Membership fees and be more prudent over spending.

Richard read aloud the summary prepared by Mike Kallaugher, Auditor.

Arnie Aretz handed around his hat for on the spot donations

$200.00  was generously given by members present.


ELECTION OF AUDITOR: Mike Kallaugher was  re appointed.                  Moved: Christine Hoffman

                                                                                                                        Seconded: John Petchell



The term is January – December and subscriptions must be paid by the annual general meeting.

Subscriptions would remain at $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.



Patron                                                  Maynie Thompson                                                       

President                                              Richard Melville                                   

Vice President                                      Arnie Aretz

Vice President                                      Mark James –

N.B. - upon Mark’s acceptance / received 25th March following AGM

Secretary                                              Terri Blackford

Minute Secretary                                  Helen Lorimer

Treasurer                                              John Petchell

Committee Members:                                                                          

Christine Hoffman                                                                                

Anita Gibb                                                                                           

Judith Phillips

Kit Nelson

Mark James

Peggy Waite                                                                                        

* Richard made note that new members could be co-opted at committee meetings.

All nominations were accepted / carried


SPEAKER: Basil Subritzky;

Basil gave a very entertaining, well received speech about his life, the history of the shipping company, and his personal life. His son Barry will donate a ferry ticket to be raffled at the Easter fair.

Flowers were presented to Basil’s wife Beth.




Meeting closed 4.30pm