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P O Box 206, Ostend, Waiheke Island 1843, New Zealand

Incomplete List of Graves not in Cemetery

Compiled by Mrs Dixie Day, June 1982. (Transcribed by F. Storer, Oct. 2009, as written in Mrs Dixie Day’s typewritten notes.)

Te Patu

(Hooks Bay) Said to be 6 graves –

Granny Hooks, her son John Hooks, Major Rawson, veteran of Waterloo, baby daughter of John Stephen Hooks born 28th April, 1890, died 1890, Jim and Harry Cairns of Cairns Bay.

Possibly Davenport boy from Man o’ War Bay. A headstone reads –

In loving memory of my dear husband, John Stephen Hooks who died July 13th, 1921, aged 64, sleeping, peacefully sleeping.


(Man O War Station)

To the memory of David Sheehan Gray and John Hanna Gray, pioneers of the eastern end of this Island. In their lifetime they cleared 4,000 acres of heavy standing forest and selected timber for the homestead. Also buried here are their parents, Eleezer Birch Gray and Mary Gray and sisters, Mary Isabella and Jane, also Dora Gray, wife of John Hanna.

On pedestal is inscribed -

O, heavenly truth, O precious life, that led us through toil to rest in Thee.

The memory of the Muse is Giese. Sacred to the memory of Eliezer Birch Gray, who died 10th June, 1903, aged 70 years and of his loving wife, Mary, who died 22nd Sept. 1918 in her 89th year – headstone.

Days Bay

Grave on hillside. Stone reads -

Martin Day, died 12th March 1890, aged 57, erected by his friends.


On top of hill is grave of Jane Parris, nee Hodgson, wife of Ennis, died at Cowes 9th Feb. 1885, aged 43 yrs.

No stone.


Gertrude Isobel McIntosh, born 9th April 1883, died 25th October 1883. No stone erected by her parents, Mr and Mrs McIntosh.

Te Matuku

Mr and Mrs Robert McLeod, Senior. Stone. Daughter Mrs Grant died 30th Sept. 1911, also a relative, Bill Fraser. Graves said to be on Headland.

Awa Awaroa Valley

Stone on hillside of Philcox Farm.

Henry Mathew Trace, died 22nd Feb. 1908, aged 88 years, also his wife, Isabella Jane, died 30 March 1913, aged 82 years. At rest.

Buried high on Pukeokai, above bay, Mrs Castle, wife of William Wingate Castle. Said to be buried with some of her possessions. No stone.

Descendants are going to look for signs of graves of Merrick family who lived for a time on the opposite side of the bay from the Gordon family.

2 children died of typhoid in June 1860. David, born 23rd May, 1850 died 1st June 1860, Abraham, born 27th Jan. 1852, died 1st June 1860. Said to be buried on Waiheke. The 3rd child, John, born 16th Aug. 1846, died ……...

(Transcriber’s note – last line on photocopied page is missing.)


Mr and Mrs Carey Sen., Mrs Carey’s sister, their sons and daughters. 8 adults and 2 children. Some stones.

Rocky Bay

Stone on former Watson farm.

In loving memory of John Herbert Watson, born 1857, died 1938 and of Lucy, his wife, born 1869, died 1958.

Ostend - Rothschild Estate

An elderly man servant, who came to N.Z. with Monsieur De Witte and served the O’Brien family. Peter de Norrie is buried above the house called Wharetana on the hillside above woolshed.


Stone reads-

Sacred to the memory of Captain John Brown Kennedy, beloved husband of Jessie Gillespie Kennedy, died 6th November 1923, aged 78 yrs. Not my will but Thine be done.

Sacred to the memory of Jessie Gillespie Kennedy, beloved wife of John B. Kennedy, died 9th October 1928, aged 76 yrs. At rest.

Stone reads –

Sacred to the memory of James Kennedy, beloved husband of Elizabeth Caroline, died 29th April, 1964, aged 88, at rest.

These graves are on former Kennedy farm land, but incorporated in home block now.


Mitchell Road. Taken from Police Records – the death of William Vanclief Jackson, who was drowned at Browns Bay, Waiheke Island 21st October, 1906. No stone.


Under pine tree is buried Ropata Rou. The fence round the grave has gone.

Headstone reads –

Ropata Rou – 12th Hurae 1894

Meaning he died on 12th July 1894. Fence renewed.

Te Wharau Pt

Iritana te Hihi is buried here as well as others brought from Owhanake, when the original burial ground was flooded by the sea.

Headstone reads –

Iritana te Hihi died 28th July, 1916, aged 17 years.

Also inscription in Maori.

Said to be a Maori buried at Te Wharau Point during influenza epidemic, actually buried in his bed. The top of the bed stuck up out of the ground.

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