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Te Matuku Pioneer Cemetery Records, Waiheke Island

List of graves in the Te Matuku Pioneer Cemetery as compiled by Mr Edsell Day, late of Omaru Bay, Waiheke Island. (Transcribed by F. Storer, Oct. 2009, as written in Edsell Day’s typewritten notes, undated.)

Further details in ‘Sowers of Seed’ and Coromandel Records and Historical Records of Mrs Dixie Day

Cemetery at head of Te Matuku Bay, Waiheke Island

Graves listed by Edsell Day from back of burial ground


In loving memory of Peter Migan, who died Sept 9th 1886 aged 67 years.

The first burial in cemetery.

Also, his beloved wife Catherine Migan who died Dec. 17th 1916 aged 75 years.

Ceremony performed by Rev. Trevor B. Gilfillan

(The Migan family lived on Jones Point later part of E. Day farm just beyond the cemetery)


In loving memory of Kate beloved wife of Thomas Bowden died 31st August 1931 aged 64 years.

(Kate was Migan’s daughter)


Oblong plot with iron fence but no stone. Mr and Mrs John Fraser and daughters Lena, Mary and Lexie.

(The Frasers lived at Waikopou near Man o’ War Bay)


Plain concrete wall, no stone

Coromandel Burial Register Entry No. 290:

W. C. D. Ashwin, Awaroa Valley, Buried 3rd January 1915. Aged 74 years. Ceremony by Rev. Trevor Gilfillan. Buried in this plot Mr (Deacon) Ashwin, his wife, and daughter Margaret. Mrs Ashwin, daughter of John Fraser.


Grey marble monument.

In loving memory of William Gordon died 25th Sept. 1911 aged 71 years.

Also his wife Jane died 21st December 1930 aged 76 years.

Also their loved daughter Lena died 29th April 1906 aged 31 years.

Not inscribed on stone Edith,

Also child, grand-daughter, child of John Day and Maggie nee Gordon. (sic)

Burial Register 295:

Day, Esther, Awaroa, Waiheke Island. Buried Feb. 1st 1916, aged 3 years, 10 months. Ceremony performed by Trevor Gillfillan.


Wooden fence with knobs, sawn off tree in plot. Child. Grand-daughter of Henry Trace of Awaroa Valley.


In loving memory of Colin Dudley. Beloved son of John and Ellen Pegler who died 20th January 1916 aged 10 months.

Suffer little children to come unto me

Of such is the Kingdom of heaven.

Burial Register:

Colin Dudley Pegler. Ceremony performed by Trevor V. Gillfillan.

(The Peglers farmed Orapiu on lease from McIntosh, also ran Orapiu Guest House.)


In loving memory of Anne beloved wife of Samuel Powell. Fell asleep April 7th 1910, aged 72 years.

Present with her Lord

(Samuel Powell farmed part of what is now Maori lands.)

Coromandel Parish


In loving memory of Gladys Winifred Connell died August 30th 1911 aged 2 years and 7 months.

A Bud the gardener gave us

A pure and lovely child

He gave it to our keeping

To cherish undefiled

But just as it was opening

To the glory of the day

Down came the Heavenly Gardener

And took our bud away.

Ceremony performed by Ernest Fletcher

(The Connell family lived at Connells Bay)


In loving memory of Charles Shand Insley who passed away Feb. 11th 1937 aged 26 years. Deeply regretted.

(The Insley family ran a farm and guest house at Cowes Bay.)


In loving memory of Benjamin Thomas who died 20th April 1912 aged 85 years.

(A Crimean War Veteran, caretaker at Pasadena Bay, related by marriage to W. Connell)


Auguste, grave near entrance from road.

Burial Register 327:

Natszki, Onetangi, Waiheke Island. Burial Waiheke 1922. Ceremony performed by Major MacCauley Salvation Army. (Note - no particulars supplied to me) (Signed by R. H. Johnson, Missioner)

(Natszki kept Onetangi Hotel. Son Oscar world famous singer)


In loving memory of Agnes Ann. Beloved wife of Vernon (Frank) aged 39 years, died 31st August 1920.

Sleep dear Mother sleep.

(Mrs Woolley was the daughter of William Gordon.)


Bill, Crimean War Veteran, lived in Man o’ War Bay area.


Mrs Bendick, Waiheke Island. Buried 1922.

Burial Register 328:

Ceremony performed by Mathews (City Mission)

(Note – no particulars supplied to me signed by R.H. Johnson, Missioner)

(Neither Mr Watson nor Mr Day have any knowledge of this grave but think it is in the cemetery)

Note: New stone planned for Auguste Natszki but not erected.

Coromandel Burial Register Records collected by Mrs N. Robinson at Diocesan Office.

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